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Woods and Finishes

Showing wood and stain samples on the internet is difficult. Monitors will show differences in depth of color and grain. The colors and samples shown are taken from pictures so the actual look on wood will vary slightly from what you see here. This page is only meant to give you an idea of the wide variety of wood and stain choices we offer.

Samples of Woods Offered

Natural Cherry Natural Oak Natural Walnut

Samples of Acres Stain

Acres on Cherry Acres on Oak

Acres on Walnut

Samples of S2 (light) Stain


S2 on Cherry S2 on Walnut

S2 on Oak

Sample of Laura's Stain

Laura's Stain on Cherry  

Sample of S12 (dark) Stain

S12 on Oak

Sample of Sealy Stain

Sealy on Oak   Sealy on Walnut

Samples of S14 (medium) Stain

S14 on Cherry S14 on Oak

S14 on Walnut

Sample of Black Walnut Stain

Walnut Stain on Oak

Samples Washington Stain

Washington on Cherry Washington on Oak


Samples of Boston Stain

Boston on Oak Boston on Walnut

Boston on Cherry  

Sample of Provincial Stain

Sample of Michael's Stain

Michael's on Oak Michael's on Walnut

Sample of Cinnamon Stain

Cinnamon Stain on Cherry  

Sample of Traditional Stain

Traditional Stain on Oak Traditional Stain on Walnut
Traditional Stain on Cherry

Samples of Fireside Stain

Fireside Stain on Cherry Fireside Stain on Oak

Fireside Stain on Walnut  

Sample of Amber Stain

Amber Stain on Cherry

NOTE: We can custom match a particular color of stain as long as it is applied to the proper choice of wood. Custom matches may cost extra. If a specialist is needed to match your sample they charge $100 to do so. If we have to create a dye (for very dark colors) in addition to your stain that also costs an additional $100. We usually can come very close to what you have with our large selection of stain colors. However, some customers send us stain colors from other furniture manufacturers who have created proprietary colors that are very difficult to match. This is when it usually costs $200 extra.